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What We Do

  • Complex full-scale comprehensive hearing examinations for all ages
  • Electronic hearing aid analysis ANSI & REIR
  • All cosmetic modelsof hearing aids: huge selection of brand name hearing instruments
  • Custom and disposable ear protection from noise
  • Earwax removal
  • Swim plugs custom made
  • Hands-free custom cell phone ear molds for headsets
  • Middle ear testing for ear infections and related disorders
  • Other TV and phone special assistive listening devices
  • Tinnitus evaluation and treatment (relief for ringing ears)
  • Dizziness & vertigo rehabilitation
  • Counseling for patient & family and auditory rehabilitation
  • Hearing aid accessories and repairs

We work extensively with several ear-nose-throat (ENT) physicians and numerous other physicians in our area.

We are Doctors of Audiology. Do you know the difference?

There are currently 3 professions that consider themselves to be hearing healthcare professionals. The 3 professionals are outlined in the table below, including their credentials and their contribution to the services:

Title Physician Audiologist Hearing Aid Dispenser
Specialty Otologist or Neurootologist

Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist

Audiology Hearing Aid Sales and Fitting
Education 4 years post-graduate plus residency 2 to 4 years post-graduate plus internship None required related to speech and hearing sciences
Credentials M.D. - Doctor of Allopathic Medicine  D.O.  -Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Au.D. - Clinical DoctoratePh.D. - Doctor of Philosophy 
M.A. - Master of Arts
M.S. - Master of Science
M.N.S. - Master Neuro-science 
CCC-A - Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (awarded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Academy)
H.I.S. - Hearing Instrument Specialist BC-HIS - Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist -pass national examination by the International Hearing SocietyAudioprosthologist- non-degree post high school education - sponsored by the International Hearing Society

Entry Level into the Profession as of 2007 M.D. or D.O. Pass National Examination>
Au.D. or Masters DegreeProviders must have a Masters Degree prior to 2007 and an Au.D. is the entry level after 2007.
Pass National Examination
Pass Praxis Examination (national examination) Pass State Examination
Licensure State Licensed State Licensed State Licensed
Scope of Practice Medically Treat Hearing LossPhysician's are licensed to test and bill Medicare for testing, although they do not physically perform the task.
ENTs refer to staff audiologists to provide diagnostic tests. Due to the shortage of audiologists, many of the tests in ENT offices are being performed by staff personnel who have no formal training or who are not under the supervision of an audiologist. 
Medicare allows for billing for these tests only if they are performed by an audiologist or by the physician.  Who's doing your test?
Provide Diagnostic Testing for Medical Treatment, Follow-up Evaluation, non-medical treatment and rehabilitation for hearing loss Audiologistsmay employ and supervise audiology assistants and hearing aid dispensers.
Test hearing for the purpose of selling hearing aids ("free hearing tests"), fit and adjust hearing aids.  Can not bill Medicare or other insurance companies for hearing tests because diagnostic testing is not within their scope of practice.  
FYI:  Hearing aid dispensers may employ audiologists in some states.  Arizona does not have an exclusion.


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Audiology Professionals, LC is a BBB Accredited Audiologist in Ogden, UT

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